Sunday, May 27, 2012

And Then I Dropped Off the Face of the Earth

I started this blog with great plans for posting regularly. I lined up several half finished drafts as things came to mind. When I was confident I had enough material to last more than 1 day, I decided to launch. And then...

Then, last Monday night, just as I was sitting down to complete a few of those drafts, I got the call. One of those calls you really don't want to get. It went something like this:

Me: Hello.
My Mother: (quite cheerfully) Hey Cass, just wanted to give you an update on everything.

{Side Note: My dad had a heart transplant on April 12/13th of this year. Last week was his first week at home. Saturday and Sunday he had been having a bit of a rough time. We expected him to be admitted back into the hospital at his appointment Monday. And he was.}

Me: Great! How's everything going?
Mom: (major voice change) The doctor said your Dad is in rejection and it will be a miracle if he makes it thought the night. [Begins crying]

From there it went something like, "[cry] Should I come? [blubber] Of course I should come! What am I thinking?! [ugly cry] I'm coming! I'm packing my bag right now and I'll be there in two hours! [sobbing]"

Next up was me calling Jake to come get me since I could not drive like that and my friend Amy to come watch Lydia. For the first half of the drive, I quietly cried and mostly sat in silence. Then Mom called again. Honestly, I thought she was going to tell me I was too late. Instead she said he was doing better.

My first reaction? Extreme annoyance. I mean really, the man has been on the brink of death and subsequently resurrected more times than I can count. I'm starting to feel like the girl who cried wolf as I call in to work, send out the prayer requests, and cash in on free babysitting.

He looked great when we got there, but unfortunately, he wasn't. The next couple of days were horrible and we sat by his side, just waiting. It's pure torture. It's been almost a week since the rejection has been declared. He made it through that night, and several more, but it's been pretty close a time or two. Right now, he is in stable but critical condition in ICU as they fight for his life.

Once he reached the stable point, I decided to come home. I want to be there, but I have a family here with Lydia that I cannot abandon. So here I am.

Forgive me if blog posts are sporadic. This week (month? year?) has been a roller coaster. Feel free to come along for the ride.

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