Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And it's not JUST about Food...

I want our lifestyle to be more active. You know the old adage: Eat less. Move more.

We're working on the whole eating less (processed) thing, but what about the move more?

I'll admit. This one is hard for me. I really don't like to move. I like to sit. Or lay. Oh, don't get me wrong, I like to go places and do things. But getting that initial boost to get moving does not come naturally.

Maybe it's because I'm extremely unathletic. Maybe it's because I'm uncoordinated. Maybe it's because I'm out of shape. It's probably mostly because I'm lazy.

Not very long ago, my days went something like this:

Wake up.
Waller around in the bed until the last possible second.

My workout:
Rush like mad to get myself and L ready. Most of the time at least one of us will have wet/pony tailed hair.
Drive like a crazy person to drop L off and get to work. Silently curse out anyone who dares to drive the speed limit. Or stop at a stop sign. Or NOT turn right on red (I really do.not.care if you weren't planning to go right, get out of the WAY!).
Sprint up the stairs to work. Think you may die at least once, but up to 10 times in the stairwell.
This concludes the workout portion.

Plop into rolling chair and do not get up unless absolutely necessary. *Note: I can reach the fax machine, filing cabinet, and printer all without standing. I do have to get up if I want water. So I generally just don't drink.
Work with minimal movement all day. Only get up for lunch or to ahem....relieve myself.
Walk down stairwell. Or ride elevator if I can think of any reason I might need to.
Pick up L.
Make dinner. Hey, at least I'm standing for this part!
Eat dinner.
Try to will stuffed self up to clean up dinner.
Lay on couch and mess around on phone until L's bedtime routine starts.
Bathe and bed child.
Lay on couch/bed/floor and chat with J or watch a movie. Or sleep. Ok, mostly sleep.
Go to bed for at least 8 hours.

It's really quite pathetic. No wonder I had no energy. I wasn't pushing my body to do anything.

But after watching Dad struggle so much with weakness as his heart started failing, I decided I should do something about it. Needed to. Had to.

So I started a boot camp app. Seriously, the first time was easy. Really easy, as in one of the exercises was just to support yourself on your hands and knees. I thought it was a joke. Then I was sore the next day. How embarrassing. Slowly the difficulty of the exercises and my strength has increased. I can see my calf muscles! And I feel great! Those stairs I used to huff up in the morning? I take them in stride now.

I'm still working on making movement a regualr and enjoyable thing for me and L, but I've got some ideas up my sleeve.

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